Dissenting Opinion

I dissent! Or object!
One of them.
It's happened before, of course. There have been books I've disliked, or even hated, and I've said so in my reviews. I assume that everyone who comes across my blog knows that everything I write is just my own opinion. Tastes differ. But when I read glowing reviews of books I didn't like, especially when those reviews appear on the New York Times or another source I trust for reviews, I wonder if I've missed something.

Here are two examples:
I didn't absolutely hate these books, but I thought they had some serious problems that kept them from being amazing. Is it a matter of taste? I'd dismiss them if it weren't for the fact that some of these reviews are by actual critics, people who are paid to read books and review them (lucky bastards). Critics have a wider experience of books than I do, after all. But to dismiss this as a matter of taste is unsatisfying. I still feel like I'm wrong, even if it's very easy to argue that there is no one correct opinion to have about a book (except that Finnegan's Wake is unreadable).

In the end, you're going to have to read the book yourself and see who you agree with.

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