City of Lost Dreams, by Magnus Flyte

I received a free copy of this ebook to review from NetGalley, on behalf of the publisher. It will be released 26 November 2013.

City of Lost Dreams
The writers behind Magnus Flyte are wonderfully brazen. They pull in historical mysteries, a big dose of alchemy, magical music, and some steamy sex to create City of Lost Dreams, the sequel to City of Dark Magic (which I adored). We rejoin Sarah Weston and Max Lobkowicz Anderson as they search for a cure for their dear friend Pollina's autoimmune disorder, a disorder that's slowly killing her. Sarah tries to track down a Viennese nanobiologist who might have a cure. Max and Sarah's friend Nico goes for the old tried and true method of alchemy.

Since City of Dark Magic, Sarah has returned to Boston to work on her doctoral dissertation and broke Max's heart. Pollina's declining health brings her back to Europe, to pester Bettina Müller to get Pollina into her study. (The fact that Max appears to have moved on to a history TV show presenter does take the wind out of her sails somewhat.) Nico starts crisscrossing Europe, visiting museums to recover old alchemical equipment. Unfortunately, he finds that someone has beaten him to the punch. At each site, Nico finds that the object has been "removed for curatorial purposes." It's Nico's play and he feels someone, a Moriarty, is taunting him.

As Sarah and Nico work on trying to get Pollina's cure, someone is working against them. That someone has, like Nico, been around for four hundred years. That four hundred year old someone has lost her grip on ethical behavior and is causing all sorts of alchemical mayhem around Prague. It all leads up to gripping but trippy ending. I never would have seen it coming, though I had some inkling about who Nico's Moriarty is. This is one of the few books I've read lately that I genuinely wished was longer. When I finished it, I wished that there was another book in this series I could read.

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