I didn't even have to make this.
Earlier this week, I began reading Charlotte Brontë's Villette as my classic novel for the month. I'm still trying to keep my New Year's resolutions. So far, I've been lucky that the classic (pre-1950) books have been entertaining. And then, I tried Villette.

I'm a huge fan of Jane Eyre. I expected to see at least some of the fire of Jane Eyre in Villette. I was so wrong. I hit a wall at page 300. I couldn't take any more of the seemingly directionless biography of Lucy Snowe. I'll finish it eventually, but I could feel the books on my to-read pile waiting anxiously. There are new books every Tuesday—every day on NetGalley and Edelweiss. There are too many books out there!

So, I'm calling a truce with Villette while I regroup.

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