Real relaxation

By Robert Wagt
There is nothing more truly refreshing after a semester of non-stop work and work travel and work and projects and work than a week off to just stay home and read books. I cleared several books off of my to-read queue and my to-review list. (Not nearly enough, of course, but progress is progress.)

In two days, I head back to work at the university library—just in time for the fall semester to begin. In a week, my "book year" comes to an end and I'll be publishing the list of everything I read since the beginning of last September. (So there's still time for me to put a few more books down on on the list.)

A week off with nothing to do but read has been marvelous. I haven't had one of these for a while because I've been taking more traditional vacations. A week is just the right amount of time. I'm ready to reengage with all the projects I've got waiting for me.

Besides, the library is where my copies of Booklist and Publishers' Weekly are waiting for me. I need to replenish my to-read list.

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