The Beautiful Land, by Alan Averill

The Beautiful Land
The first rule of time travel should be "Do not fuck with time travel." The same goes for playing around with alternate timelines, quantum wormholes, and anything else that might mess up cause and effect. Unfortunately, no one told Charles Yates and the other owners of the Axon Corporation. Once everything absolutely goes to hell, it's up to explorer Takahiro O'Leary (yeah) and shell-shocked translator, Samira Moheb to save all the timelines in The Beautiful Land, by Alan Averill.

Takahiro was a reality TV star who made his living venturing into dangerous places before it all went south. He gets a call from the Axon Corporation at a very opportune moment. They promise that he'll be able to explore places no one has ever been before. So, he says yes. Averill then jumps ahead to show us Samira in a therapy session. In addition to PTSD, she compulsively cleans everything, cracks all of her knuckles when under pressure, and can't sleep except on the subway. These are our two unlucky heros.

When we next see Takahiro, he's just stolen a portable device that lets him jump in and out of other timelines. He's just found out about the Axon Corporation's master plan. They intend to overwrite reality with a version in which they run the entire world. Unbeknownst to them, Yates has his own master plan. That plan, unfortunately, leads to the collapse of all alternate realities and the potential end of our own.

As I read The Beautiful Land, I thought that this would make an incredible movie. Characters race across the globe and across timelines in order to save their home reality. There are monstrous black birds that are killing every living thing they can get their talons on. The baddies are really, really bad. The visuals would be truly spectacular.

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