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Earlier this week, I griped about the difficulty in finding bookish sites that catered to my interests. I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

BookRiot is my touchstone on the bookish Internet. They don't review books. Rather, they write about issues in publishing, share their reading lives, and podcast about book news. 

The book world can be pretentious. It's delightful to see someone skewering our idolization of the literary greats by writing small, humorous vignettes of writers and characters visiting a famous coffee shop.

The reader and reviewer behind the Narratologist has similar taste in books to mine, but manages to find books I've never heard of. I just wish they read and wrote faster.

Public Books is one of the best sites I've found that provides literary criticism, not just book reviews of the books I enjoy. I wrote about them earlier this week, so I don't want to harp on.

Do you have favorite bookish sites that you'd recommend to me? (I already know about GoodReads and have been a member for quite some time.)

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