Written in the Blood, by Stephen Lloyd Jones

Written in the Blood
Written in the Blood, by Stephen Lloyd Jones, is a story of unfinished business. In The String Diaries, Lloyd Jones introduced us to the hosszú életek, long-lived creatures capable of changing their appearance. Written in the Blood picks up the story of Hannah and Leah Wilde fifteen years after the fiery ending of The String Diaries. Fifteen years have given Hannah a chance to try and save the dying hosszú életek, in spite of her blindness. Her daughter, Leah, recognizes that their efforts are not enough. She goes in search of hosszú életek exiles, not knowing that her good intentions will draw the attention of enemies the Wildes didn't even know existed.

The kirekeszett are hosszú élet who were cast out for their crimes or the crimes of their families. When Leah approaches their leader, the kirekeszett are understandably wary and angry. But the chance to have children is too tempting for most of them. Of course, nothing is ever simple in the world of the hosszú életek. As Leah invites kirekeszett women into the—for lack of a better word—breeding program, the hosszú életek's predators come out of hibernation and an old enemy turns out not to be dead.

Written in the Blood bounces back and forth between Leah and Hannah Wilde, hosszú életek named Etienne and Izsák, and a few temporary characters that introduce us to the tolvajok—creatures that can possess humans and hosszú életek. The plots and subplots can be little hard to follow as Lloyd Jones jumps from narrator to narrator and location to location and time period to time period. I highly recommend reading The String Diaries before attempting Written in the Blood. Lloyd Jones and his characters don't give up information easily. I know this isn't easy on new readers, but I appreciate that Lloyd Jones doesn't try to download gobs of information via dialog or exposition.

Written in the Blood wraps up a lot of stray plot threads and seals a lot of characters' fates. However, I thought that The String Diaries did the same and now there's a sequel. I wonder what Lloyd Jones has in store for the Wildes in the future.

I received a free copy of this ebook from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. It will be released 26 May 2015.

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